Cosmetic Contact Lenses: From Dark To Light Eyes

Changing your look with colored contact lenses
Many people choose to wear contact lenses because they need vision correction, and don't want to wear glasses. However, cosmetic contact lenses are also available if you just want to change your look for Halloween or a special occasion. These contacts are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Federal law has been changed so that you can no longer buy colored cosmetic contact lenses without prescription, but this ensures that your contacts will fit properly.

Just think of how much more effective your Halloween costume will be if you use cosmetic colored contact lenses as a finishing touch. You can be a vampire with red eyes, a zombie with white eyes, or even a feline with cat eyes. The possibilities are nearly endless.

If you just want to change up your everyday look, though, colored contact lenses can also help. You can choose to enhance or change your current eye color with a wide range of natural shades in brown, blue, or green. Gray and hazel contacts are also popular choices. Or you can completely change or boldly enhance your current eye color with more dramatic colored contact lenses in rich, jewel-toned colors like emerald, amethyst, or sapphire. Some people even choose golden or amber-colored contact lenses.


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If you've worn contact lenses for vision correction before, you will be familiar with proper care and handling procedures. But even if you've never worn contacts, proper care of them is rather easy. The number one rule is to always make sure your hands are clean before handling any contacts. Make sure that the lenses have no scratches on them, and be careful to not put any new scratches on them while handling.

To insert the contact lens, set it on your finger so that it is in a bowl shape. Make sure it's not turned inside-out. Hold your upper eyelid up and your lower eyelid down. Try not to blink while inserting the lens. Look up and insert the lens over the white of your eye. Let go of the lens and your eyelids. You may need to look down or blink to properly position the lens.



To remove contact lenses, pull your lower eyelid down and look up. Put your finger on the lens and slide it down, grasping with thumb also if needed. Put the contact lens in your palm with a bit of contact lens solution and gently rub to clean it. This solution is designed especially for contacts, to clean and disinfect them to prevent eye infection. Immediately after removing contact lenses, always place them in a contact lens case with a bit more contact lens solution, to keep them moist.

If you follow the proper cleaning procedures, and other rules like never sleeping with them in or sharing them, colored contacts can last for up to 3 months. Colored cosmetic contact lenses are therefore one of the cheapest and quickest ways to get a different look, no matter what look the occasion calls for.


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